Why should I Donate to Alaska Search and Rescue Emergency Response Team?

The ASARERT team is made up of people. People you may know; your neighbors, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, who have dedicated countless hours and their own small fortunes to serving our community.You may have seen us in our orange uniforms training with our k-9 teams, medics and technical rescue specialists.You may have read about us in the News Paper or even been involved in a search and rescue incident yourself.  You may know first-hand or can imagine the desperate hope of waiting for a loved one who is long overdue.  For this reason, our bags are always packed.  We train continually to keep our skills sharp and our response effective because we know that if it was our child missing, fellow Alaskans would pool every resource, deploy every asset, and make every necessary sacrifice to re-unite us with our loved ones.  This is the same effort that ASARERT members are prepared to put forth every day of the year, and it is our honor to do so.  This is your opportunity to be a part of that effort. 

All Donations are Welcome and Appreciated!

Feel free to check out some ways to donate to our team so we may continue to serve Alaska!

Direct Donation

Below is a link to directly donate to our team through PayPal.

Donate when you shop

Below is a link to Amazon Smile. If shopping on a desktop, you must use Amazon smile. Then select Alaska Search and Rescue Emergency Response team as your organization to support. 

If using the Amazon mobile app, you need to go into your account settings and add it there.